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Current students

Student handbook

Some valuable information which will help your time training with us. Contents include:

  • Our expectations of students
  • Where students can gain assistance
  • Academic processes and appeals
  • How to provide feedback
  • Safety and health requirements and procedures

Read on the website (opens in a new tab) | Download a copy (1 MB) (PDF document - opens in a new tab)

Student online portals

Your TAFE account details are:

  • Username: Your Student ID                             
  • Default Password:  TafeDDMMYYYY                (where DDMMYYYY is your date of birth, e.g. Tafe25121999)
  • Email Address:      

Your account:

  • is automatically provisioned the day after you enrol
  • provides access to on-campus computers, Wi-Fi, Office 365, One Drive, Blackboard and Library Research Resources listed below
  • is provided on the basis of the Computer resources conditions of use.

To setup your account and enable you to recover your password, complete the steps outlined in the Secure Your Account section below.

Once your account is provisioned, please complete the setup process below to enable:

  • your online password reset facility
  • the One Drive mapping to H: drive on South Regional TAFE computers

Once your account is provisioned, logon to Office 365(opens in a new tab) and complete the setup of your account as follows (you can also check or update your choices(opens in a new tab) ):

  • Click Next on this "Additional info required" page

  • Click the "Set it up now" links as required.

  • Click Finish

Default Password

Your default password is TafeDDMMYYYY (where DDMMYYYY is your date of birth, e.g. Tafe25121999)

Forgotton Your Password?

Reset your password online at  (opens in a new tab) . Otherwise, call into the Library to reset your password.

Password Expired?

Your password will expire every 90 days. To change your password once it has expired, either:

Once you’ve changed your password, ensure you change all of your devices and applications.

Change Your Password

To change your password at any time, either:

Once you’ve changed your password, ensure you change all of your devices and applications that use your TAFE Account.

Password Lockout

To protect your account from security breaches, your account will be locked out if 5 failed login attempts occur within 15 minutes. Once locked, you will need to wait for 15 minutes before your account is unlocked so you can enter a correct password. If you need to reset your password, go to  (opens in a new tab) .

If your account is being locked out, ensure that the password is correct on all of your devices for all relevant applications including Wi-Fi.

Password Policy

Your password must:

  • be changed at least every 90 days
  • be at least 8 characters long
  • not have been used previously​
  • not use any part of your name or username​​​
  • include characters from 3 of the following 4 character sets:
    • uppercase
    • lowercase
    • number
    • special character (eg. . !@#$%^&*())

Password Recommendations

To ensure security of your account, it is recommended that the password you choose has:

  • No names of anybody or anything associated with you (e.g. relatives, workmates, friends, pets), spelt either forward or backwards
  • No numbers associated with you (e.g. vehicle license plate number, telephone number, mobile phone number, street number), spelt either forward or backwards
  • No word found in an English or foreign language dictionary, spelt either forward or backwards
  • No place names, spelled either forward or backwards
  • No proper nouns, spelled either forward or backwards

An email address is automatically created for you upon enrolment.

To sign in, click Office 365(opens in a new tab)

Office 365(opens in a new tab)  is provided whilst you are enrolled and includes:

  • Outlook Email

  • One Drive File Storage

  • Online productivity applications, including Word Online and Excel Online

  • Microsoft Office for download and installation to your personal computer

  • Password reset portal(opens in a new tab)

To sign in, click Office 365(opens in a new tab)  and logon using your TAFE Account
Upon completion of your studies, consider migrating to a Personal Office 365 account as your TAFE Office 365 account will close 3 months after your enrolment ceases. For questions and assistance, refer to Microsoft's FAQs at in a new tab) .

Once you have an active South Regional TAFE account, you must change your password in Office 365.

Changing your password in Office 365 is required to sync your Blackboard, Student Portal, wireless accounts and computer logins in classrooms and campus libraries.

Once this has been done, you will be able to login and view your enrolment information via the Student Portal: Login Here (opens in a new tab)

View and download the guide Finding your Way Around the Student Study Portal (1 MB) (PDF document)

Student Introduction to Study

You can view information including: campus orientations and maps, blackboard help sheets, student handbook and more at the Student Introduction to Study at South Regional TAFE

The link below will take you to the Blackboard Login page.  If you have never logged in before see the instructions on setting up your Blackboard Login under the Blackboard tab of this page.  If you have already used Blackboard use your normal Blackboard login and password.

Click here to go to the Student Introduction to study at South Regional TAFE (opens in a new tab) on Blackboard.

OneDrive (part of Office 365) is used to store your files and can be accessed with your TAFE Account using either:

  • a web browser by signing into Office 365(opens in a new tab)  and selecting OneDrive
  • the OneDrive desktop icon from an on-campus computer
  • the OneDrive mobile app
  • the H: drive of an SRTAFE on-campus computer (the H: drive will only appear on an on-campus computer after completing the steps in the Secure Your Account section above)

South Regional TAFE uses Blackboard as its online learning platform. Blackboard is the Department of Training and Workplace Development/TAFEWA online learning platform of choice.

When you confirm your enrolment with South Regional TAFE, our systems will automatically generate a Blackboard and an Office 365 account for you.  This account should be available within approximately 24 hours of your confirmed enrolment.

You can also find log in information in the Online Study Guide – Introduction to Blackboard handbook. (2 MB) (PDF document)

Blackboard Login

Step 1

***Prior to logging into Blackboard, please complete the steps in the Secure your Account section above to ensure you secure ongoing access to your TAFE Account.

You can watch the Student Login to Blackboard video for more information.

 Important Information

For more information, see YOUR TAFE ACCOUNTSECURE YOUR ACCOUNT, and PASSWORD HELP in the above dropdowns.

Step 2

To sign in, click Blackboard(opens in a new tab) , use your Student email address for your login and your TAFE Account password (the same one as Office 365).

Password Lockout

To protect your account from security breaches, your account will be locked out if five failed login attempts occur within 15 minutes. Once it is locked, you will need to wait for at least 15 minutes before your account is unlocked so you can enter a correct password.  Unfortunately, this may not work if you have not logged out of a previous session.

Remember: If your account is locked, all your devices using your TAFE account, including applications and Wi-Fi, will be affected.  Once you’ve changed your password, ensure you change your password on all of the applications that use your TAFE Account.


It is paramount to the College that students have accessibility to learning materials. This is increasingly important when students are studying online/remotely. The following Text to Speech technologies are recommended for the current college systems, including Blackboard.

  • Read Aloud - Read Aloud is intended for users who prefer to listen to content instead of reading, those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities, and children learning to read.
    •  Read Aloud uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convert webpage text to audio. Read Aloud can read PDF, Google Docs, Google Play books, Amazon Kindle, and EPUB
    • Watch this YouTube for instructions on how to Install and use Read Aloud in Chrome
    • Read Aloud is already integrated in EDGE.
    • If you use am Apple device, it is recommended that you use VoiceOver, the following YouTube will assist you to access this inbuilt IOS feature

If you have additional study needs, please contact our Disabilities Liaison Officer who may be able to assist you.

Technical Notes

Are you having problems logging into Blackboard using the Blackboard Mobile App? Please ensure you have performed all recent updates to this app and try again. If you are still encountering issues, please email

ALSO if you are using the App only need to put in your student number not the email address (this is ONLY if you are using the Blackboard App).

Email forwarding

Any system-generated emails, including Blackboard and our enrolment system, will default to your student email. You will need to check your student email regularly or set it up to forward it to your regular account.  View the Guide to Email Forwarding (157 KB) (PDF document)


If you are still experiencing problems and need assistance logging into Blackboard, please contact Blackboard Enquiries at

Other learning management tools including Dental Assistant(opens in a new tab) Profile 21(opens in a new tab) LLN Robot(opens in a new tab)  and CDX Heavy Vehicle(opens in a new tab)  are managed by your lecturer. If you need access to these applications, please contact them.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching provides access to Microsoft software, tools and services and is available to SRTAFE students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths units.

To download software, logon to the Education Hub(opens in a new tab)  using your TAFE account.

Other related Microsoft services are also available as follows:

For more information, please refer to:

The library maintains various databases and online resources. Please go to Library Resources (opens in a new tab) to access.  Should any of these services request a username and password please use your TAFE Account (opens in a new tab) unless otherwise noted.

Contact your library

Bunbury campus - phone 6371 3174 or email

Albany campus - phone 6371 3860 or email