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Withdrawals and refunds

If you want to withdraw from any unit of competency or the entire qualification please advise your lecturer, student services or administration.

To withdraw from any unit or entire qualification you need to complete an Application for Withdrawal form (174 KB) (PDF document). This form is also available from campus administration. If you require further assistance with completing the form, please email the team:

You may be eligible for a full or partial refund in accordance with the Department of Training and Workforce Development VET Fees and Charges Policy 2019.

Students who withdraw are entitled to a full refund of the applicable course fee, resource fee and other fees where:

  • a unit is cancelled or re-scheduled to a time unsuitable to the student; or
  • a student is not given a place due to maximum number of places being reached.

A full refund of fees can be made at any time during delivery if a class is cancelled because of declining student numbers, no available lecturer, and other circumstances caused by the RTO.

Students who withdraw for reasons other than those outlined above and who lodge a withdrawal form before the census/withdrawal date for a unit will be eligible for a full refund of the course fee for the unit; and

  • a full refund of the resource fee if the course is a Diploma or Advanced Diploma course; or
  • 50% of the resource fee if the course is below Diploma level.

To be eligible for a partial refund, you must submit the withdrawal application at no less than 20% of the way through the period during which that unit is undertaken. South Regional TAFE can approve a pro rata refund of fees and charges at any time during the course of delivery if students withdraw for reasons of personal circumstances beyond their control. For example:

  • serious illness resulting in extended absence from classes;
  • injury or disability that prevents the student from completing their program of study; or
  • other exceptional reasons at the discretion of the accountable officer.

In all cases, relevant documentary evidence (for example, medical certificate) is required.

If you are a student receiving Abstudy, Austudy or Youth Allowance for an approved course, you must immediately inform Centrelink when you withdraw from your course or reduce the number of hours of attendance.


Payment of Refunds

All refunds will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) where the student bank details have been provided.

All other refunds shall be paid by college cheque.


Withdrawals (VET Student Loan courses)

Students who wish to withdraw from a VET Student Loan enabled course of study you need to complete an Application for Withdrawal form and follow the above process.

In the event of a student withdrawing from a VET unit of study or VET Student Loan enabled qualification after census date for that unit of study or qualification:

  • no refund for tuition fees paid upfront is applicable; and/or
  • the student may still be liable for a VET Student Loan .

Where withdrawals are submitted after census date, the student may apply for a refund for paid tuition fees under special circumstances, based on one of the following:

  • medical reasons,
  • employment-related reasons,
  • course-related reasons.

Students who wish to re-enrol into the course at a later date, may do so and to follow the enrolment process. By completing the enrolment form, the student is providing written permission to South Regional TAFE to enrol them into their chosen course.

In the unexpected event that the college ceases to provide a VET Student Loan enabled course of study in which a VET student is enrolled, the student is entitled to a choice of:

a) VET Course Assurance Option  or

b) VET Tuition Fee Repayment Option