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South Regional TAFE aims to be an exemplar for occupational safety and health. It takes seriously its obligations for looking after staff, students, the public and contractors (or their employees) and is committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment where hazards are controlled, and a learning culture is supported.

Contractors and their workers must always comply with South Regional TAFE’s safety and health requirements. 

All contractors are required to have completed the college’s online Contractors Management Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and been approved for work at all South Regional TAFE Campuses.

Contractors are to be familiar with the information provided within the Contractor Induction Handbook and the material below.

Download the Contractor Induction Handbook (418 KB) (PDF document)

Projects and maintenance of college buildings, grounds or services infrastructure are managed by Facilities and Services at the Albany and Bunbury campuses and by the Campus Manager at all other regional campuses.

Contractors are to undertake assigned work in a responsible and safe manner and as described in the scope of work.  Contractors have a responsibility to ensure that new workers engaged by them are familiar with health and safety requirements of the college and that they are always properly supervised. Additionally, contractors will ensure they:

  • Have suitable experience and be fully competent to perform the planned tasks
  • Possess all the necessary licences, permits, registrations and insurance required to perform the work safely and in compliance with appropriate regulations
  • Be notified of any potential hazards associated with the location or use of the area where the work is to be carried out
  • Understand the College’s emergency procedures
  • Ensure all employees and sub-contractors have read and understood the Contractor Induction Handbook

It is not South Regional TAFE’s responsibility to provide instructions on how to undertake work tasks, training or supervision in the activities for which the contractor has been engaged to undertake or would be reasonably assumed to have knowledge or control. 

Contractors who do not meet South Regional TAFE’s health and safety requirements may be removed from the list of approved contractors and will not receive further work at the college until they can demonstrate compliance.

To remain an approved contractor, current certificates of insurance must be submitted annually.  Additionally, contractors and their workers are required to review the Contractor Induction Handbook every three years.

Contractors shall comply with all requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996, relevant Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes published by WorkSafe Western Australia and other relevant laws. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that their employees and sub-contractors comply with this legislation.

For some hazardous activities, South Regional TAFE has a permit system in place to help ensure that hazards and associated risks are managed. 

Permits are required to be obtained for the following activities - click on the activity to download the form.

Permits must be lodged with your SRT Contact Officer a minimum of 24 hours prior to work commencing.

Download the Job Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment Template (170 KB) (PDF document).

Upon arrival at South Regional TAFE and prior to commencing work, the contractor is to:

  • Complete sign in at the Facilities and Services Office (Albany or Bunbury) or reception at all other campuses
  • Ensure the contractor pass is worn and visible at all times while on campus
  • Advise your SRT Contact Officer that you have arrived and are ready to commence work
  • If required, obtain keys and/or access cards
  • If required, ensure permits to work have been approved

Prior to commencing work, the contractor must implement appropriate barriers, warning signs and any other steps required, to minimise risks to health and safety of all persons in the vicinity of the works.

The contractor is to notify their SRT Contact Officer upon completion of the works. A final inspection will be carried out to ensure completion to the required standard. The contractor must ensure that the worksite is left tidy and free from hazards, that includes removal of all refuse and materials in an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous manner.

At the completion of work or the end of the work day, the contractor is to return to the Facilities and Services office or reception and complete sign-out.  This includes return of the contractor pass, keys and/or access cards and sign off from any open permits to work. Contractors are not permitted to retain college keys and/or cards overnight.

A copy of the Contractor Induction Handbook and other policies and procedures are available from your SRT Contact Officer. 

Work with us

If you are interested in becoming an approved contractor for South Regional TAFE please fill in this form. The form will be sent to our Facilities team.

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