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Setting up your TAFE account

Account Information

Your TAFE account details are:

  • Username: Your Student ID                             
  • Default Password:  tafewaddmmyyyy (ddmmyyyy refers to your date of birth, e.g. tafewa25121999)
  • NOTE: If you were an SRT student or VETdSS student in the past, this default password will not work for you. If you cannot remember your previous password, please contact Albany or Bunbury Campus Libraries for a password reset.
  • Email Address:      

Your account:

  • is automatically provisioned the day after you enrol
  • provides access to on-campus computers, Wi-Fi, Office 365, One Drive, Blackboard and Library Research Resources listed below
  • is provided on the basis of the Computer resources conditions of use.


Once your account is provisioned, logon to Office 365(opens in a new tab) and add your authentication phone and email details as prompted (you can also check or update your authentication choices(opens in a new tab) ).