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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (opens in a new tab)  is provided whilst you are enrolled and includes:

  • Outlook Email

  • One Drive File Storage

  • Online productivity applications, including Word Online and Excel Online

  • Microsoft Office for download and installation to your personal computer

  • Password reset portal(opens in a new tab)

To sign in, click Microsoft 365(opens in a new tab)  and logon using your TAFE Account
Upon completion of your studies, consider migrating to a Personal Microsoft 365 account as your TAFE Microsoft 365 account will close 3 months after your enrolment ceases. For questions and assistance, refer to Microsoft's FAQs at in a new tab)


OneDrive is used to store your files and can be accessed with your TAFE Account using either:

  • a web browser by signing into Microsoft 365 (opens in a new tab)  and selecting OneDrive
  • the OneDrive desktop icon from an on-campus computer
  • the OneDrive mobile app
  • the OneDrive folder on an on-campus computer