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Important information for parents and guardians of minors

South Regional TAFE welcomes students who are under 18 years of age. The college aims to provide a training experience which helps students transition from school to employment.
In preparing students for the workforce, TAFE provides a mature-age learning environment. We treat all students with respect and care and encourage mature, responsible and appropriate behaviour.

Below is some important information for parents and guardians of minors, with a letter (219 KB) (PDF document) provided to them at the time of enrolment in either hard-copy or digital format.


  • Students will receive a timetable and scheduled classes at their induction.
  • It is helpful if their parent/guardian can discuss this with them and ensure they have organised transport to and from class.
  • Attendance is recorded in every class. A parent/guardian will be notified within three working days of an absence.
  • For students undertaking an apprenticeship, the employer will be notified of a student’s absence.

Learning Environment and Supervision

  • Students are responsible for their own learning and are expected to manage their workload, seeking assistance from academic staff when needed.
  • Students may be required to work on projects with adult students which may involve working and communicating with students outside of normal class or study hours.
  • Students under 18 years of age share facilities such as the library, canteen, gym and computer labs with all students including adults.
  • Some courses are delivered across more than one campus or involve a workplace. Parents/guardians are responsible for the student’s travel arrangements.
  • Courses are scheduled differently from secondary education classes. There may be lengthy breaks between classes, days when no classes are scheduled and varying class times.
  • Students are expected to manage their own time.
  • If a day time class (from 8am to 5.30pm) finishes early, students will be released from class and will not be supervised.
  • Staff will endeavour to inform the students of any cancelled classes prior to attendance. However this isn’t always possible.
  • If a class scheduled to finish after 5.30pm finishes early, the students will remain under the supervision of the lecturer until the scheduled class finish time.
  • When a class finishes early, if a student indicates that they have their own transportation, or have arranged transportation with friends in the class, a discussion will be held between the student and the lecturer to confirm this and they will be released from class at the earlier time.
  • Students may be required to complete assessment tasks outside of their scheduled timetable. Some of these assessment tasks are undertaken in the community.
  • Students are only supervised in the classroom. Supervision outside of the classroom is not provided.

Health and Safety
We strive to provide an environment that supports the health and wellbeing of all of our students by:

  • providing first-aid assistance to students and arranging medical personnel in case of an emergency.
  • promoting a friendly and inclusive environment where bullying and any form of harassment are not accepted. Any student experiencing bullying or harassment of any kind should inform a staff member immediately.
  • ensuring all relevant staff have a Working with Children Check subject to the Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004.
  • ensuring a parent/guardian is contacted if a student is seriously injured or involved in a serious incident.

Medical Conditions

  • It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to inform South Regional TAFE of any student medical conditions.
  • Concerns regarding the health care of students should be discussed with Student Services.


  • Information on excursions will be provided to the parent/guardian prior to the event and written consent will be sought for students under 18 years of age to participate.
  • If consent is not given, the student will not be able to attend the excursion. An alternative supervised activity will not be provided.
  • Students may be required to make their own way to excursions which may involve a parent/guardian taking them or arranging transport for them.


  • Personal accident cover is extended to those students attending any official camp, excursion, trip or other similar activity (excluding sports days other than interstate sporting events, carnivals or national championships) which is approved and organised by South Regional TAFE.
  • Students are not covered for personal accident whilst on campus however South Regional TAFE does hold cover with the Insurance Commission of WA (RiskCover). This cover provides personal accident cover for students who are undertaking unpaid work experience that is allocated or arranged by South Regional TAFE.
  • The responsibility is placed on the parents/guardians in relation to whether they arrange their own personal accident insurance or private health cover for the student if they believe the current coverage is not adequate.

Parental Consent

A student’s parent/guardian will need to sign a Consent and Health Care Information form upon enrolment.

South Regional TAFE students need to:

  • be aware of, and comply with, relevant policies, procedures and instructions
  • take reasonable care of themselves and others
  • read and take note of the Student Code of Conduct (available on our website).

For more information about students under 18 years of age studying at South Regional TAFE contact Student Services:


Ph: 6371 3100 or email


Ph: 6371 3890 or email