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Liway Espinosa: Embracing change.

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In a world where transitions often challenge us, there are individuals like Liway Espinosa who, embracing new cultures and opportunities. As a dedicated customer service representative at Albany Campus, Liway's journey from the Philippines to China and finally to Australia stands as a testament to her unwavering passion for helping others and her thirst for knowledge.

Liway's story began in the Philippines, where her faith and a profound desire to impact young lives ignited her calling for teaching and caring for children. Her career path led her to China, where she served as a devoted Primary Teacher. Liway then returned home to prepare to study and be with siblings in Australia.

Subsequently, Liway, along with her husband, embarked on a new chapter by migrating to Albany, Australia, with the invaluable support of her family. Liway enrolled as an International student which led her to South Regional TAFE, where she eagerly enrolled in the Diploma of Early Childhood Education. This decision not only deepened her knowledge but also offered her a unique lens to examine the contrasting approaches to childcare in her native culture and in Australia.

Amidst her studies, Liway completed her practicum at Kingdom Kare and Rainbow Childcare, where her warmth and dedication endeared her to both colleagues and young charges.

One year into her Diploma, another opportunity arose, prompting a move to Harvey. Here, Liway's adaptability shone as she embraced a Business Administration qualification at Harvey TAFE. Encouraged by her mentors, she took up a casual administration role and eventually secured a full-time position in the Customer Service team, spanning Harvey and Collie campuses.

Her desire to be reunited with her siblings guided Liway, her husband, and now their teenage and toddler children to Albany in late 2022. Embracing this new home with open arms, Liway joined the Administration team at Albany Campus, blending her diverse experiences into her role. Reflecting on her journey, she shared

"Moving to Australia and adapting to the cultural differences was interesting. In the Philippines, there is a lot more American influence, but in Australia, the slang was a new thing to learn."

Within her team, Liway's impact resonates deeply. Known for her thoughtfulness and quiet dedication, she has earned admiration from colleagues. Jan Auld, Student Services Co-ordinator, praised,  "Since joining the reception team, Liway has proven to be an integral and diligent member. Her thoughtful nature shines through, and her homemade spring rolls during morning tea are a delightful treat."

Liway Espinosa's journey from teaching in China to customer service in Australia illustrates the profound impact of cultural exploration and a genuine passion for assisting others. Her story speaks to the power of embracing change, nurturing connections, and continuously seeking knowledge – a journey that enriches not only her life but also the lives of those fortunate enough to cross her path.