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Chef Jordan is keen to cook up a storm at WorldSkills

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7 August 2023

No stranger to competing on the big stage, Chef Jordan Murphy is ready to return to WorldSkills Nationals for a second time to show the rest of Australia what she is made of.

Since her 2021 WorldSkills Nationals venture, Jordan has raised the bar to new heights in the level of skill she presents and her standard of work. Recently being appointed as the Dardanup Tavern’s Head Chef at only 21 years of age, Jordan continues to improve her craft as she strives for culinary excellence. 

Jordan is not only a previous WorldSkills competitor, but in 2021 Jordan medalled at the Australian Culinary Federation (ACF) Apprentice of the Year competition and earned selection in the ACF National Youth Team which will compete internationally over three years. The ACF Team have already represented the country at the 2022 Culinary World Cup held in Luxembourg. Jordan returned to WA with a Silver and a Bronze medal from this competition. Jordan will head to Stuttgart, Germany in February 2024 to represent Australia at the Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung (IKA) Culinary Olympics.

Before she sets off for Germany, Jordan will head east to Melbourne, and she is excited to show the country what she has learned since her last WorldSkills appearance.

“I’m looking forward to being there, meeting and learning from talented young chefs like me,” Jordan said.

Being an experienced competitor, Jordan knows the level of preparation required to take on the challenges these events present. She has been training every week to make sure she is ready for anything WorldSkills can throw at her this year. Jordan has been training to specific briefs and tight timeframes to simulate the environment she will be in come competition day.

Jordan has been majorly supported throughout her training and competing by Commercial Cookery Lecturer Kathryn Tindal-Davies. Although, a tough coach at times, Kathryn is always pushing Jordan to work hard and to never stop trying to improve.

“She has always been my biggest supporter. She always believes in me and pushes me to be the best I can,” Jordan said.

Jordan has also received great support from Hospitality Lecturer Johnese Mullen during her training. Johnese was inducted into the WorldSkills Hall of Fame in 2017 recognising her many years of dedication to the competition, so she is well placed to mentor students, like Jordan, on their WorldSkills journey.

“Johnese has always been a huge mentor and supporter for me. To have another view of my dishes and how the customer would see my dishes helps me a lot. As a chef, I’m not normally involved in the dining experience, so it’s another point of view I wouldn’t have without her,” Jordan said. Johnese will be joining Team WA on their trip over to WA as she volunteers once again as a hospitality judge/expert.

Not only has cookery set Jordan on an incredible journey of competing in different countries all over the world at such a young age, it is also helping her build more self-confidence. “At the beginning of my apprenticeship, I was very unsure of my ability and wasn’t overly confident in myself. I think learning self-worth is a big part of being a chef,” Jordan said.

Jordan is feeling ready to tackle the national stage once again. She will compete from 17 to 19 August at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The WorldSkills nationals competition will take place from 17 August to 19 August at Melbourne Convention Centre.

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