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As a student of South Regional TAFE, the following electronic services are available. For password assistance refer to Password Help.

My Account

Your login account details are:

  • Username:  Your Student ID  (which commences with either a Y or a Z, e.g. Y987363)
  • First-use Password:  TafeDDMMYYYY  (where DDMMYYYY is your date of birth, e.g. Tafe25121999)
  • Email Address:  StudentID@tafe.wa.edu.au  (e.g. Y987363@tafe.wa.edu.au)

Your account:

  • is provisioned the day after you enrol
  • is used to login to on-campus computers, Office 365, Student Portal, Blackboard, Moodle and Research Resources listed below
  • is provided on the basis of the Conditions of Use below
  • will be fully operational once you Activate your Office 365 account

Forgotten your password? Reset it online at https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com.

Login problems? Refer to Password Help.

Conditions of USE

South Regional TAFE provides computing resources to assist students complete their studies and the use is a privilege.

Students are to use the resources in a responsible manner and respect the integrity of computer systems, networks and data, and the rules and regulations governing their use as detailed below.

  • All use of computer resources must be directly related to your course/qualification
  • You must not reveal your password to others nor use another person’s account
  • Installation of any software or hardware, or changing the configuration of any equipment is prohibited
  • You may not act in any way that may disrupt the use of the network or computing resources
  • Seeking to gain unauthorised access to college computer systems is prohibited
  • It is prohibited to use college services for malicious purpose
  • The use of college services for commercial activity is prohibited
  • You may not use college services to create, host or transmit material, or engage in activities that could cause offence to others
  • All information accessible via the network should be assumed to be private property
  • You must not use college services for any activities which contravene the laws of Australia or its states and territories, or of the destination country in the case of data being transmitted abroad

Monitoring of computer usage, including email and Internet use, is carried out regularly. South Regional TAFE reserves the right to retrieve any item/file on the computer system at any time, including email, and information accessed via the Internet.

Consequences for misuse/abuse of computing resources:

  • Warning
  • Loss of privilege to use computing resources
  • Referral to administration for discipline
  • Referral to authorities for legal processing

Depending on severity, the disciplinary process may include combinations of consequences.

Wireless Internet

The Wi-Fi service provides access to the internet from all campuses in accordance with the Conditions of Use above.

Please use the following connection details:

  • Wireless network name (SSID): SRTAFE
  • Username: SRTAFE ID (where SRTAFE ID is your personal Student ID number that beings with either Y or Z or your personal Staff ID number that beings with 9)
  • Password: The same as used for other services like On-Campus computers, Office 365 or Blackboard

For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Wi-Fi Connect User Guide.

Office 365 - Email and File Storage

Office 365 is provided whilst you are enrolled and includes:

  • Outlook email
  • OneDrive online file storage
  • Various online applications, including Word Online and Excel Online
  • Microsoft Office for download and installation to your personal computer
  • Online password reset portal



To logon to Office 365:

  • Navigate to https://login.microsoftonline.com
  • Enter your Email Address in the first field and press Sign In
  • Wait for the redirection to take place
  • Enter your Email Address in the first field, your Password in the second field and press Sign In

If you've forgotten your password, reset it online at https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com.

Login problems? Refer to Password Help.



To ensure all online services are functioning, please Activate your Office 365 account.



Your files on OneDrive can be accessed either:

  • via a web browser by logging onto Office 365 and selecting OneDrive
  • using the OneDrive desktop icon on an on-campus computer
  • using the H: drive of an on-campus computer
  • using the OneDrive mobile app

The H: drive will only appear on an on-campus computer after completing the steps in Activating your Office 365 account.



Your South Regional TAFE Office 365 account provided above will close 3 months after your enrolment ceases. For questions and assistance with migrating to a Personal Office 365 account before closure please refer to Microsoft's FAQs at https://products.office.com/en-au/student/office-in-education.

Student Portal
The Student Portal allows students to view and manage personal information, enrolments and results by logging on using your Student ID.
Blackboard, Moodle and other Learning Management Systems

The primary learning management systems provided are:

Logon to Blackboard using your Student ID or Staff ID.

Logon to Moodle using your Moodle Account, details of which can be obtained from your lecturer or administration once you are enrolled in a Moodle unit.

Other learning management tools including Dental Assistant, Profile 21, LLN Robot, CDX Heavy Vehicle, and Rural Skills Australia are managed by your lecturer. If you need access to these applications, please contact them.

Library Resources

The library maintains various databases and online resources listed below. Should any of these services request a username and password please use your Student ID unless otherwise noted.


  • Supersearch Opens in a new window - search the catalogue AND the databases AND the eBooks packages at the same time!

Training Video Collections

  • ​​Kanopy Opens in a new window - thousands of training videos and documentaries
  • Safetyhub Opens in a new window - a range of Occupational Health and Safety videos
  • Lynda.com Opens in a new window - online video tutorials - please contact your lecturer to arrange access
  • ClickView - online training videos - please contact your lecturer to arrange access

Journal Article Databases

  • Ebsco Database Opens in a new window - a journal article database: subject areas include Automotive, Business, Computing, Education, Environment, Medical, Reference, Social Sciences
  • Proquest Central Opens in a new window - a journal article database: subject areas include Accounting, Banking, Business, Careers, Computing, Economics, Education, Finance, Health, Medical, Religion, Science and Telecommunications

ebook Collections


  • Australian Standards Opens in a new window - on-line access to electronic Australian Standards, including a selection of ISO and IEC standards. Single license only – please logout as soon as you have finished
  • NCC - Australian Building Codes Board Opens in a new window - Online access to the National Construction Codes – building regulations by all States and Territories
  • Cordell Information Opens in a new window - Project information designed to assist individuals and businesses who put estimates together.
  • Chemwatch Opens in a new window - MSDS and Chemicals Management information

Study Skills

Nursing and Health

  • Johanna Briggs Institute EBP Database Opens in a new window - the complete JBI EBP content set available via OvidSP which spans a range of medical, nursing, and healthcare specialties and includes evidence summaries, systematic reviews, best practice guidelines, and more.  A database of evidence-based practice information on different topics
  • Nursing Made Incredibly Easy series Opens in a new window - 33 ebooks you can read or download
  • Anatomy TV Opens in a new window - all the body's major systems shown in detail
  • Real Time Health - videos of patient narrative communication, or patient storytelling
  • Merck Manuals  - widely used credible medical resources for professionals and consumers

Literacy and Numeracy

  • Living in Australia Opens in a new window - an online ESL course (please contact your lecturer or library staff for the password)
  • World Wide English Opens in a new window - an online ESL course students (please contact your lecturer or library staff for the password)
  • English for Health Professionals Opens in a new window - an online ESL course for those wanting to study in health related fields (please contact your lecturer or library staff for the password)

Online Publications

  • The Australian TAFE Teacher - official journal of the TAFE Division of the Australian Education Union. It provides current information for vocational education and training (VET) practitioners on educational, policy and industrial developments affecting the VET sector in Australia, with a focus on TAFE
  • Australian Welding - quarterly magazine of the Welding Technology Institute of Australia, serving Australia’s welding, fabrication and manufacturing industry professionals. Our news and industry perspective is essential for working smarter, more creatively and more effectively within welding, fabrication and manufacturing. The magazine provides a medium for the publication of technical information and views on the latest processes, products and services
  • AWISA - Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association Magazine is published quarterly and covers business and technical issues that affect the woodworking industry, and provides members with a means of disseminating information about their products
  • Outlet -  newsletter of the Reece Group, which has industry and product news in the plumbing, bathrooms, irrigation, civil, heating, refrigeration, ventilation and climate solution sectors
  • Weld Connect - monthly e-newsletter of the WTIA, serving Australia’s welding, fabrication and manufacturing industry professionals. Offering authoritative insight and proven ideas on global and domestic issues through a distinctly Australian perspective, Weld Connect links all facets of industry, inspires and educates
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