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Still at school

For high school students, the TAFE alternative through South Regional TAFE can allow you to gain skills that are relevant to the industry you want to find work in.

If you want to study at TAFE while remaining at high school, you may be interested in a VET delivered to secondary students program.

Also read our Important information for parents and guardians for how South Regional TAFE aims to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for students under 18 years of age.

Here are five reasons to consider a TAFE alternative to high school:


1. If you were born between 1 July 2002 and 30 June 2005, and are aged 15 or over, you may be eligible to enrol in one or more  courses at South Regional TAFE for a capped fee.
In 2020, the tuition fees are capped at $420. This does not include the discretionary and resource fees which will vary, dependent upon your course.

That’s hundreds of dollars less than older students pay.


2. Study in areas you’re really interested in.

If you study at TAFE, you can concentrate on the industry you want to work in – and our pathways can also get you to university!


3. Use your qualification to find a job – or stay at TAFE and study for a Certificate IV.

Next year, you’ll have a qualification to help you get a better job, or an excellent start towards further study.


4. Students who choose TAFE say they love being treated like an adult, taking responsibility for their own work and leisure time, and enjoying the amazing, modern on-campus facilities.

What’s not to like about that?


5. You can also use TAFE study to get to university. Some Certificate IV courses can help you gain entry into university, but if you get your diploma, you may even get credit towards your degree.

So you'll finish your degree course much sooner!


Contact us to find out more about the TAFE alternative to high school.