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Remote Desktop User Guide

Connection to a Remote Desktop is available to authorised staff who have configured Multi-factor Authentication(opens in a new tab)

The preferred option for accessing a Remote Desktop is to use Horizon Client:

  • The Horizon Client is installed to all SRTAFE computers - to launch the Horizon Client, refer to the How to Logon instructions below.
  • The Horizon Client can be installed to your personal computer - to install the Horizon Client, refer to the Download instructions below.

If you are unable to install the Horizon Client or do not require the full functionality offered by the Horizon Client, you can access a Remote Desktop using the Horizon HTML Access option from any supported browser(opens in a new tab) . Please note that the Horizon Client option provides superior performance and functionality, including the ability to access Remote Desktop from mobile devices and connect USB devices such as telephone headsets.

The VMware Horizon Client(opens in a new tab)  can be downloaded and installed for various devices and operating systems.

To connect to a Remote Desktop using the Horizon Client option:

  • Launch the VMware Horizon Client

  • Double-click on the tile (if it does not exist, create one by: (i) clicking New Server; and (ii) typing

  • Enter your user name and password

  • After 45-60 seconds, double-click on the Staff tile

To ensure the secure and appropriate use of data, systems, applications and network infrastructure the following Terms and Conditions must be adhered to by all staff:

  • No person shall use or access the Computer Network (the “Network”) unless duly authorised.
  • No person shall use or access the Network except for official business.
  • No person shall divulge a password or code enabling access to the Network unless explicitly authorised to do so.
  • No person shall use the password or code of another person to gain access to the Network.
  • No person shall use another's account.
  • All persons using or accessing the Network must take reasonable precautions at all times to secure their password, password device, account, software and data.
  • No person shall on or in connection with the Network use any software which has been unlawfully obtained.
  • No person shall interfere, deliberately or unintentionally, with the reasonable use of the Network or any associated computing facilities.
  • No person shall use the Network for political lobbying or to express personal opinions on the behalf of South Regional TAFE.
  • No person shall use the Network for the purpose of sending or attempting to send obscene, abusive, fraudulent, threatening, harassing, defamatory or unnecessarily repetitive messages.
  • All persons using or accessing the Network shall comply with all laws, acts, statutes, rules, regulations, orders and any licences relating to the use or access of that facility.
  • South Regional TAFE, or any person explicitly authorised by the South Regional TAFE, may examine any data stored (including email) on, or any software used in connection with the Network for the purpose of ensuring that the use of the Network complies with these terms and conditions, any licences and any other law, act, statute, rules, regulations, ordinances and bylaws for the time being in force.
  • Any person who identifies a security breach or vulnerability in the Network must immediately notify IT Support by any means available. The problem must not be communicated or demonstrated to others.
  • The desktop background will be coloured green to help you distinguish between the remote desktop and your physical computer.
  • Zoom will not work within the remote desktop - use your local physical computer instead.
  • Each remote desktop will be disconnected 10 hours after logging on, accordingly, please ensure you save your work and log off every session.
  • If you are disconnected from a Remote Desktop you can reconnect for up to 2 hours. After 2 hours, the remote desktop and all work not saved will be deleted.
  • After logging off or shutting down, it may take 2-5 minutes before you can successfully log back on.
  • The remote desktop performance is dependent on the quality of your internet connection; however, it will work quite well even on a 4G mobile connection. When the internet connection is relatively slow or is highly variable it will take 1-2 minutes for your remote session to become fully responsive.
  • All data must be saved to Records systems or the network drives (H: Q: S: or T:). Data saved elsewhere will be deleted.
  • The Browser option (HTML Access) is not supported by some mobile devices and will not connect to USB devices - please use the Horizon Client option instead
  • USB drives when using the Horizon Client option can take several minutes to connect, especially large drives
  • Windows Explorer window size changes will not be retained between sessions
  • Outlook signatures will need to be recreated. Refer to the Intranet instructions for assistance.


  • Access Denied - either of the following may have occurred:
    • Your Windows password has been entered incorrectly - try connecting again
    • You have not configured Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – logon to Office 365 and configure MFA
    • You did not receive the Microsoft Authenticator notification – try connecting again
    • You did not respond to the Microsoft Authenticator notification in a timely fashion – try connecting again
  • Unknown user name or bad password - The username, password or domain is incorrect. Check details and try again.
  • All available desktop sources are currently busy (or not responding) - This occurs if all available desktops are being used. Wait 5 minutes and press Try Again or select a different desktop if available.
  • This desktop currently has no desktop sources available - This occurs if all available desktops are being used. Wait 5 minutes and press Try Again or select a different desktop if available.
  • Loading Failed your login has expired - to resolve press Cancel, then press the "Disconnect from this server" button then login again

After installing the VMware Horizon Client, I still cannot logon from home?

Check the following items:

  • Check the Error Message Troubleshooting section above.
  • Check that internet is accessible by browsing to in a new tab)
  • Check whether your home computer has any firewall, security or antivirus software that is blocking the connection.
  • Download and install an update from the Horizon Client - Downloads section above.
  • Check with IT Support(opens in a new tab)  that your account has been granted Remote Desktop access and is not locked.

The remote desktop is slow and jerky?
Check that all devices on your network are not consuming your internet connection with large downloads.