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Multi-Factor Authentication

Staff are required to use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for logging onto Office 365, Outlook for Office 365 and Remote Desktop from outside the SRTAFE network.

By using MFA, your account is protected from unauthorised access should your password be compromised.

To register for MFA, watch the video guide(opens in a new tab)  or complete the following steps:

1. From any device, logon to MFA Portal(opens in a new tab)  using your TAFE email address (if prompted, specify Work or school account)

2. When you see the Additional security verification page as shown below:

  • select the Mobile app from the first drop down field
  • select the Receive notifications for verification radio button
  • Click the Set up button

3. When you see the Configure mobile app page, as shown below, complete each of the three steps on your mobile device to install and configure the Microsoft Authenticator app.

4. Complete the process by following instructions on the computer.

To check and adjust your MFA configuration:

  1. Open the MFA Portal(opens in a new tab)
  2. Check your MFA configuration has the same settings highlighted below (if not, select the “Notify me through app” option and click the “Set up Authenticator app” button):



To change the device you use for MFA:

  1. Open the MFA Portal(opens in a new tab)
  2. Check that your phone number (in the highlighted field below) is correct
  3. Click Delete (as highlighted below) to remove your existing device
  4. Complete the steps outlined in the CHECK MFA SETTINGS section above to register your new device.