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Trades competition medallists and State reps announced at WorldSkills presentation

South Regional TAFE students shone at the WA WorldSkills Medal presentation breakfast Friday morning November 25, 2022.

At the presentation 10 students were also announced in the WA WorldSkills team which will compete in Melbourne next year.

Bunbury Lecturer Amanda Smith was also inducted into the WorldSkills Hall of Fame for her outstanding contributions over more than a decade of involvement to help stage the regional competition and donating her time as trainer and judge.


A/Training Services Director South West Anita Host praised the dedication and skills of talented students, lecturing staff, and the support they all receive when the competitions come around every two years.

“We have had numerous Regional , National and International Medallists in multiple skills areas and many lecturers who are members of the prestigious WorldSkills Hall of Fame.  This highlights the quality of our lecturing teams and the quality of our training,” she said.

“Students that have competed have all said it is one of the best experiences, meeting so many people, gaining so many amazing skills from experts in their particular field and having the opportunity to compete at such a high level.”


Every two years, more than 500 Regional Competitions are held in 34 regions across Australia for more than 4000 apprentices, trainees and students, who have the chance to go on to compete at a national and international level.

South Regional TAFE ran its regional competitions at Bunbury Campus in September and October.

This year South Regional TAFE entered two new events – Graphic Design and VETiS Electrotechnology – which resulted in new medallists

The VETiS category is for high school students only.

WorldSkills is Australia’s biggest vocational education competition and part of an international movement.


South Regional TAFE students in WorldSkills Team WA          


David Hughes               Bricklaying

Lewis Italiano              Cabinetmaking

Rabia Choolun            Carpentry

Taj Fowler                     Heavy Vehicle Mechanics

Amber Bakhuizen       Graphic Design



George Fuller               VETiS Bricklaying

Chloe Hodgkinson      VETiS Commercial Cookery

Jude Ratcliffe              VETiS Carpentry

Logan  Turner              VETiS Electrotechnology

Mercedes Mathews    VETiS Food & Beverage


South Regional TAFE Regional Open category medallists


Gold                David Hughes

Silver               Brandon Pegler

Bronze             Kayden Atherton


Gold                Rabia Choolun

Silver               Finn Dau

Bronze             David Wall


Cabinet Making

Gold                Lewis Italiano

Silver               William Phillis

Bronze             Kimberly Elson

Heavy Vehicle Mechanics

Gold                Taj Fowler

Silver               Aaron Mckie

Bronze             Bailey Crawford



Gold                Ben Connell

Silver               Jordan Murphy

Bronze             Jacob Barnes


Graphic Design

Gold                Amber Bakhuizen

Silver               Kayla Bakhuizen



Silver               Jasper Bennett-Jenkins


South Regional TAFE Regional VETiS category medallists


Gold                Samuel Norris

Silver               George Fuller

Bronze             Phoenix Hebbend



Gold                Justin   Bailye

Silver               Pharrell Keats

Bronze             Jude Ratcliffe



Gold                Diesel Bourne

Silver               Logan  Turner

Bronze             James Cain

Bronze             Eliah Munro


Food and Beverage

Gold                Mercedes Mathews

Silver               Ashlyn Buswell

Bronze             Kirsten Ferreira