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Students work to revive mountain bike trails continues

South Regional TAFE Collie campus students have continued their work on the maintenance and improvement of the Collie Mountain Bike Trails.

The trails attract thousands of tourists each year wanting to test their skills, riding through the idyllic Collie River Valley bushland.

The Gaining Access to Training and Employment (GATE) students completed four days of mountain bike trail maintenance this term.

This class performed maintenance on the town network trail known as the Wagyl Biddi.

The students gained permission to perform the work from the Collie Mountain Bike Club.

South Regional TAFE Collie Campus Manager Roche Angon said she was pleased the GATE students could gain valuable skills by working on important community initiatives.

“It is clear the students benefit from playing an important role in maintaining the trails and they feel empowered supporting the wider community,” she said.

Lecturer Crosbie Vickers said the students maintained the trails by pruning, weeding, raking, and using the leaf blower.

“The students worked incredibly well and managed to achieve our objective,” Mr Vickers said.

“I am extremely proud of the students’ efforts and they have impressed themselves with the job they have done.”

The students worked on all four trails within the Wagyl Biddi network and finished within the required time frame.

“The work of the students has made the trails more enjoyable to ride,” Mr Vickers said.

“Trails such as Sprockets Rocket, Marri Meander, Rocky Horror and Drop Dead Fred have had serious work on them to make the riding experience far more enjoyable.”

The students involved were Dylan King, Ben Chapman, Stephanie Gelissen, Sharna Simmonds and Maddi Rowlands.

The maintenance is part of the GATE unit, “Learn through practice”.

GATE is a foundation course which helps students build their confidence so they can apply for work or go on to further training.

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Pictured are students Sharna-Lee Simmonds (Pink Jacket), Maddie Rowlands (light blue jumper) Stephanie Gelissen (dark blue jumper) working on the Wagyl Biddi Trail.