Judith overcomes hurdles for career change

Judith Keusch is living proof you shouldn’t give up on pursuing your dream job no matter what challenges lie ahead of you.

Judith is originally from Switzerland and her first language is Swiss German. She has been passionate about the health care industry for many years.

After working in aged care for 11 years, Judith decided to go back to studying so she could become a nurse.

Judith started her studies with South Regional TAFE in 2017 with the Preparation for Health and Nursing Studies. She hadn’t studied in 23 years so she said it was a real challenge getting back into it.

The Preparation for Health and Nursing Studies course helps students gain the fundamental skills and knowledge they need to go onto further nursing studies.

After completing her preparatory course Judith went on to complete her Enrolled Nursing studies.

Judith said at times she wanted to give up as it was really challenging learning all the terminology and translating difficult words.

“I was very fortunate to have supportive family, friends and lecturers,” Judith said.

“The team of lecturers were brilliant, very helpful.”

“They are good at explaining things in different ways to help you understand.”

The interaction with other students and the face-to-face learning opportunities on campus made a real difference.

Judith’s lecturers praised her for her determination and ability to get on with her studies and develop new study skills to help with learning tasks.

“At times I felt like I would give up and I was crumbling but the support I received from my family, friends, work colleagues and lecturers encouraged me to keep going.”

Judith is an inspiration to others. She says you are never too old or too far behind to start studying.

“Believe in yourself and just start somewhere. You can do what you’ve always wanted to do,” Judith said.

Judith is currently back at TAFE doing a Certificate III in Pathology, which will complement her nursing studies.

She wants to continue following her career and do more research into the area of helping dementia and Parkinson’s Disease patients.

Photo:  Judith practises her skills with fellow pathology student Kristin Crammer.