Former Albany student internationally recognised for music production

Former South Regional TAFE Albany TAFE student, Slayde Douch-Gregory, has been blown away by a recent contract offer from United States based company Warnermedia.

Slayde, who Great Southern locals may know as DJ Rusion, has been passionate about music and DJing for many years and has performed at entertainment venues all over Western Australia, including some major events in Perth.

Slayde came to the realisation that he needed more than just DJing in his life so he decided to explore the production side of the music industry.

He decided to study Information Technology at the Albany campus. The IT course offered at TAFE seemed like the best way to do that and, as it turned out, he was right. The course gave him the confidence boost he needed to try something different and to share his creations and re-mixes online.

Slayde was a huge fan of the show Final Space, a popular animated sci-fi series screening on Netflix.

He remixed one of the songs from the series, by composer Shelby Merry, and posted it on Twitter with the hashtag Final Space.

“I thought the format of the song could be different, more of a melodic dubstep genre,” Slayde said.

Slayde’s remix was picked up and retweeted by the official Final Space Twitter account, which led to him being contacted by Warner.

“I was very lucky to have been given the opportunity to sign a contract with Warnermedia/Adultswim for my remix. I still can’t quite believe it,” Slayde said.

“Being at TAFE definitely helped me and gave me a broader knowledge of IT, coding, website development and social media management.

“As a result, I was much more informed when it came to sharing my music online.”

When asked what advice he’d give to other regional TAFE students about following their passion, he said they should remember that every successful person was probably told “no, you can’t do it” at some point in their career. Slayde’s final comment was “If you love what you do and you want to do it more than you want to sleep, don’t give up”.