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Dedication to studies leads to wonderful achievements by Busselton Student

South Regional TAFE Busselton Student of the Year Djulaikah Semmens has a fierce determination that has led her to gain an IT qualification, despite the challenges she faced in her personal life. 

Djulaikah, who is known by her Australian friends as Ella, is now studying a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking) at South Regional TAFE Busselton with the goal of finishing a Diploma in Cyber Security in the future. 

Djulaikah moved to Australia in 2007 from Java, Indonesia. She has a very busy family life with three daughters and one son. Her 13-year-old daughter Zahra has a disability and Djuluikah is her full-time carer. She also works part-time. 

English was Djulaikah’s second language so she knew completing assignments would not be easy but she didn’t let all of that that stop her from enrolling in TAFE and finishing a Certificate III in Information Technology. 

“I’ve always [found] myself amazed by the technology, reading and learning about what the computer is all about,” she said. 

“Once we started I grew to love the learning and study[ing] every day. It was never an easy task but I did what I could not to miss any class.” 

Djulaikah said she enjoyed “pretty much everything” about studying at TAFE including the competent and patient lecturers, the enjoyable classroom learning and the friendly environment. 

South Regional TAFE Busselton IT lecturer Chris Archibald said he was so impressed by Djulaikah’s passion for all things IT.  

“Djulaikah overcame so many hurdles to complete her IT studies. She didn’t have a technical background in IT but followed her passion and it was really inspiring to see her develop as a student,” he said. 

“Her commitment to her studies was absolutely commendable.” 

Chris said he advocated for women succeeding in the male dominated industry of IT and believed Djulaikah would bring so much to the industry including a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. 

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