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Scholarships help encourage students to study locally

Students in the Great Southern will benefit from the scholarships that were recently presented at the Albany and Denmark campuses thanks to very generous local organisations.

Albany Scholarships

Students, supported by their friends and family, gathered at the Albany campus for a scholarship presentation ceremony on 14 August.

The Jack Family Charitable Trust committed to distributing 20 scholarships of $500 each. This trust was set up by the late Muriel Freeman, who endowed it with some $2.5 million, of which about $250,000 is distributed each year to worthwhile causes in the fields of education, health, youth, the arts and community services.

Two students studying at the Katanning campus will receive their scholarships later in the month, with the remainder being awarded to Albany students.

Recipient of a Jack Family Charitable Trust scholarship Elleanor Scott said she was overwhelmed and excited when she found out she had been awarded the scholarship.

“I never dreamed I’d get it. It means a lot to me financially and it will go a long way in helping to pay for my course,” she said.

“This is my first time studying. It is out of my comfort zone as a mature age student but I’m loving it.”

Another major sponsor, Southern Aboriginal Corporation, has sponsored six scholarships of up to $500 each to South Regional TAFE students.

Two associations also sponsored an additional scholarship each. Albany Halfway House Association presented the Don McLeish Memorial Scholarship for a Certificate IV in Mental Health student.

Albany Youth Association also supported the community services sector by sponsoring a scholarship to a Certificate IV in Youth Work student.  

South Regional TAFE Managing Director Duncan Anderson congratulated the students on being selected.

“It really is something to receive a scholarship because so many people applied.

“To receive a scholarship today is a testimony of not only your personal commitment to your studies; it’s the type of person you are so congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients,” he said.

Pic: South Regional TAFE students at the Albany campus were presented with their scholarships which will help to fund their studies in Semester 2.


Denmark Scholarship

Certificate III in Music Industry student James Potter was presented with his scholarship of $750 donated by the Grist Family at the Denmark Campus on 13 August.

At the presentation, South Regional TAFE Managing Director Duncan Anderson paid tribute to the Grist Family who sponsored the scholarship.

“Sponsors committing funds to the development of music prove their dedication to the local music industry,” he said.

“This also helps to promote music education while encouraging our talented and dedicated up-and-coming musicians to pursue careers in this area.”

James Potter said he was very grateful to receive the scholarship.                                           

“It has helped me more than a lot of people could imagine,” Mr Potter said.

“To the sponsors, the Grist Family, I’m humbled and eternally grateful for the opportunities it will provide me in the future.”

Mr Potter also thanked his lecturers for their support and for helping him get to where he is today.


Pic: South Regional TAFE Denmark campus student, James Potter (centre) was presented with the Grist Family scholarship by Richard Grist (left) and South Regional TAFE Managing Director Duncan Anderson (right).


Katanning Scholarships

Two students at South Regional TAFE’s Katanning campus have been awarded scholarships which will ease the cost of study and help them gain a qualification in an area they are passionate about.

Jean Connelly and Kayne Wood both received $500 scholarships contributing towards their studies in horticulture from the Jack Family Charitable Trust. Both students have been studying Certificate II in Horticulture.

Kayne Wood said he was very happy to find out he had been awarded the scholarship.

“I work part-time for Landcare so taking this course gets me a bit of practice with a variety of other things that could be useful like reticulation and checking machinery properly,” he said.

Jean Connelly said the scholarship would make a huge difference to her financially.

“It blew me away when I was told I got the scholarship,” she said.

“I love being outdoors in the fresh air and I really enjoy the work. I’m loving the course and wish it was five days a week instead of two. I’d be in heaven.

“I should have done this decades ago to get into horticulture sooner but it’s never too late to start.

“Chris, the lecturer is the best. I want to continue studying horticulture.”

1 IMG_2694 Kathy Keay Jean Connelly web.jpg 1 IMG_2698 Kathy Keay Kayne Wood web.jpg

Pic: Director of Training Services Kathy Keay presents the awards to Jean Connelly (left) and Kayne Wood.

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