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Short course in harvesting to support local jobs in agriculture

Our campuses are working closely with the community and local business to support the agriculture industry and upskill local people for work during harvest.

The Broadacre Harvest Operations Skill Set is being offered to help meet state-wide demand for header drivers and machinery operators.

With paddocks ready for harvest over the next few weeks, participants of the short course will develop skills to safely operate headers, tractors, augers and chaser bins.

Participants who complete the course will be assisted to secure jobs in harvest operations on local farms. Their training will assist farmers at a vital time when they need access to skilled workers immediately.

The five-day course is part of the McGowan Government’s $25 million Recovery Skillsets package, which was developed in response to COVID-19.

In Albany, Farmers Centre 1978 and Zambonetti Transport have generously supported the running of the course by supplying equipment and machinery, as well as a paddock for the participants to train on.

South Regional TAFE Managing Director Sue Lapham said it was pleasing to see the skill sets providing immediate positive options for local people.

“This course has been well received. Students will benefit immediately with valuable skills that will help them gain work and are essential to the agriculture industry,” Ms Lapham said.

“The college is grateful for the invaluable support of the farming community and local businesses making this course possible.”

Local student PJ McCullen said the course had been valuable in teaching him the processes when he had limited experience driving machinery.

"The machinery was explained in great detail and the processes; what happens. A normal person looks into a field and sees a harvester and doesn’t realise how many different processes are occurring at the time," he said.

Sean McLeod from Farmers Centre 1978 said he was pleased to see the course running and supporting agriculture:

"Even pre-COVID we struggled to get staff for farmers for seeding and harvest. The more we can do to educate people to get into this industry the better off we are because it’s the best industry in the world."

The Broadacre Harvest Operations Skill Set is part of the Skills Ready program, which is funded by JobTrainer - a joint initiative of the Western Australian and Australian Governments.

Albany students pictured inset with harvester: Cody Lodge, Edward McMinigal, Drew Read-Smith (top of steps), Hannah Parker and Michael Jansen.


Pictured above:  Business Development Coordinator Caitlin Haynes, Training Manager Lee-Anne Smith, Lecturer Mick Quartermainer,  Director of Training Services Kathy Keay, Lecturer Jane Mouritz with students Peter (PJ) McCullagh, Cody Lodge, Michael Jansen, Hannah Parker, Edward McMinigal, Drew Read-Smith, Sean McLeod from the Farmers Centre and Dee Millar from Zambonetti Transport.


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