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Former IT student lands graduate job with leading Sydney software company

South Regional TAFE student Barry Pietersen’s Information Technology Diploma has taken him across the country and helped him land an IT job in Sydney as a graduate software engineer.

After completing a Diploma of IT at the Albany Campus Barry secured a role with MedicalDirector, a leading medical software and information provider.

Barry said he had been well prepared for his role in the workplace through his TAFE training.

“My managers so far have been very pleased with the work readiness and skills I developed while studying,” he said.

Prior to Barry’s study he was working in a different industry but had always had an interest in IT. He was a mechanical trades assistant working for Chevron on an oil and gas refinery. When his contract came to an end (after construction was completed) he returned to Albany and enrolled in IT.

Barry was accepted into the Certificate III course which he completed and then went on to finish the Diploma.

He said the units in the course had been challenging but interesting and rewarding.

“I felt like I was well supported to progress through the course material and the lecturers were really helpful,” Barry said.

“They allowed time for us to learn from open group and class discussions as well as share ideas.

“They also provided one-on-one time for us to work through any questions or concerns we had with projects.”

After Barry finished his diploma, he began applying for jobs but decided not to limit the places he applied for. He put in applications for jobs in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

“I knew I had the option to work and travel in different States so I decided to apply for roles that would best fit my career goals and where I was heading.

“I would encourage other students to do their research and be prepared for their job interview.

“Learn as much as you can about the company and do some interview practice."

Barry also used organisations in Albany such as Worklink (now partnering with Jobs and Skills) to assist him with his résumé writing and job applications.

“Worklink helped me get my résumé up to scratch. I also used the resources available to me through Student Development.”

Barry has also been in contact with lecturers to get industry advice and knowledge which he said was invaluable with his job search.

Barry’s lecturers said that Barry was a dedicated, resourceful and intelligent student.

In 2018 Barry won the  Albany Campus Business Portfolio Student of the Year.

“Throughout his studies, Barry was especially passionate about software development, and set his sights firmly on this aspect of IT as his career goal; so it’s heartening to see him achieve this objective by securing a position with a high-profile, specialist software development firm working on latest technologies,” Information Technology lecturer Ramin Majidi said.

“We’re very pleased for him and wish him continued success.”

After receiving the job offer, Barry made the move Sydney to become a team member on MedicalDirectors new cloud based clinical and practice management solution - Helix.

“I knew the organisation had a good culture and good products and the role was well suited to the skills I had developed” he said.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for an entry point into the industry and career progression”.

Barry encouraged other TAFE graduates to aim high.

“Go for your goals and when an opportunity comes up, try and make it work,” he said.



Page last updated June 18, 2019