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Collie TAFE student project helps fund wheelchairs

South Regional TAFE students at the Collie campus are excited to be part of an international project collecting bread tags to help fund wheelchairs in South Africa.

The Bread Tags for Wheelchairs organisation has been collecting bread tags for several years. They collect about 500kg a month which funds up to three wheelchairs.

The bread tags are recycled so they don’t end up in landfill. The money raised from selling the recycled plastic products pays for wheelchairs for less fortunate disabled children.

The TAFE students called on the Collie community to rally together and support the project by collecting their own bread tags to contribute.

South Regional TAFE Campus Manager Roche Angon said it was wonderful to see the students gaining confidence through the project.

“This positive experience has enabled to the students to learn new skills and gain confidence to go on to further training or work opportunities,” she said.

TAFE student Shayna Dean said they heard about the project and wanted to contribute by collecting as many bread tags as possible.

“It’s a good cause that helps others and it’s helping to recycle a product that would otherwise be thrown in the bin,” Ms Dean said.

Lecturer Diana Watkins said the General Adult Education students decided to support the project as a simple way to contribute to their community and do something positive.

“This a great way for them to contribute to the project as part of their studies at TAFE.

“The students are undertaking the project as part of their ‘plan, monitor and finalise projects’ unit. They have been really excited and engaged with the project so it’s been wonderful to see,” Mrs Watkins said.

“It’s given them sense of purpose and helped them develop their organisational and time management skills.”

All of the students, who will complete their Certificate I in General Adult Education course this year, will go on to further training or employment.

To improve general reading, writing and numeracy skills for further education or training, applications are now open for our General Adult Education courses. Contact your local campus for more details or visit the website.

Pictured are General Adult Education students Caleb Robertson and Alex Coombes at the Collie campus.

Page last updated December 19, 2019