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Skills lead to new business

Albany information technology graduate Sarah Madden has set up an innovative business combining her new skills with her experience in the community-based aged care industry.

Sarah identified a niche market for seniors and those with mobility issues to receive in-home training in basic technology, such as use of smart phones and tablets, to improve communication with their family and friends.

As a digital mentor, she established her business Ezy Tech at the start of the year, and her clients have benefited from her tuition during the coronavirus restrictions.

“My passion has now become to help isolated people gain confidence interacting with the technological world to a functional level,” she said.

 “Some people can’t get out of the house and their family and friends might not be in the same town,” she explained.

“So I visit them in their home to help them learn and keep in touch.

“I help them to use their technology so they are comfortable with it and confident to use it.”

She said the irony was that with the coronavirus situation and social distancing, she was unable to take on new clients just at a time when more of them would benefit from it, but she is building a customer base ready to expand her business when the restrictions are over.

“Due to my newly acquired knowledge in IT, I found a way to integrate my skills of old and knowledge of new,” Sarah said, explaining she had worked in community-based aged care for 26 years before changing tack to an IT course.

She said she was aware of the hurdles older people had and a common complaint was that they were bewildered by technology and family members were not always able to help.

While she builds her business this year, Sarah is finishing her Certificate III in Information Technology and plans to take Certificate IV.

Sarah is pictured with one of her clients.

Page last updated May 18, 2020