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Dedication leads to dream job

Education changes lives, so embarking on a course of study is always a positive move.

Furthering one’s education and building skills also promotes self-confidence and has the tangible benefits of opening up greater opportunities for a new career or workplace promotion.

For Albany youth worker Linda Higgins, enrolling in the Certificate III in Community Services at the Albany campus of South Regional TAFE marked the start of a stimulating training journey leading to her dream job.

Having had left the education system several years earlier, Linda was a little hesitant about going back to study, but she knew TAFE training would give her the best chance of working in her chosen area.

She had operated her own business and fostered children before being drawn to youth work as a career.

Any doubts she had about coping with the demands of her course dissipated on day one.

“I loved it right from the start, I knew I was on the right path,” Linda said.

“The staff were supportive and I was with like-minded people – both the students and the lecturers,” she said.

After graduating with the Certificate III, she went on to study for the Certificate IV in Community Services and the Certificate IV in Youth Work at the same time, then finished her TAFE studies with the Diploma of Community Services.

It was during her diploma course that Linda was offered a part-time position with Albany Youth Support Association.

She grasped the chance to prove her mettle and she hasn’t looked back, because after leaving TAFE, she gained a promotion and moved to full-time work.

Linda, who is based at Young House in the city, supports young people who are transitioning to independent living.

She also works with clients experiencing difficulty or needing help with a variety of issues. Many approach the service at a time of crisis or when they are experiencing trauma.

“It’s important they know people care,” Linda said.

The best part of the job is seeing the difference she makes to clients’ lives.

 “I enjoy helping young people to realise their potential and set and achieve their goals,” Linda said.

Recommending the community services and youth work TAFE courses for the excellent career opportunities they present, she shared some advice for those considering it.

“If you have the passion, you need to follow it – and you will get out what you put in.”


Pic: TAFE training helped Linda Higgins to achieve her dream of becoming a youth worker. She now works full-time at Young House in Albany.

Page last updated June 24, 2019