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VET Student Loans

VET Student Loans

South Regional TAFE is an authorised VET provider and we are able to offer VET Student Loans for approved courses as listed on the approved course list by the Department. For a full list of approved courses please go to the Department’s website.

VET Student Loan:

  • Is a Federal Government loan scheme
  • Is available to assist eligible students studying higher level vocational education and training (VET) qualifications to pay their tuition fees
  • Can be used to pay all or part of an eligible student's tuition fees

It cannot be used for additional study costs such as accommodation, text books or incidental fees.

A 20 per cent loan fee is applied to VET FEE-HELP loans for fee paying/fee for service  (commercial) students.

For further information please go to the Study Assist Website.

For an estimated cost of each VET Student Loan qualification, please see the My Skills website.

VET FEE-HELP for continuing students

VET FEE-HELP Grandfathering concluded

As of the 31 December 2018, VET FEE-HELP has closed to all continuing VET FEE-HELP assisted students. Please see the attached fact sheet for more information. VET FEE-HELP Fact Sheet.

For students who have not yet completed their qualification and had continued with VET FEE-HELP, you are eligible to apply for a VET Student Loan in 2019 for the remainder of your studies. Please advise us at enrolment if this applies to you.

For any queries regarding this please email us at: vetstudentloans@srtafe.wa.edu.au




Am I eligible?

To get a VET Student Loan, you must:

  • be an eligible student
  • be studying an approved course
  • be studying with an approved course provider
  • apply to the government using the approved form, and
  • confirm your engagement and progression to continue to access the loan throughout your course.


VET Student Loan eligible course

You need to enrol in a  VET Student Loan eligible course that has been approved for delivery at South Regional TAFE.
  NOTE VET Student Loans Eligible Courses and Caps may be subject to changes implemented by the Australian Government in 2018


Your course meets the course requirements, if it:

  • is specified on the VET Student Loans (courses and loan caps) determination (the courses and loan caps determination); and
  • is delivered by an approved course provider; and
  • is a qualification of diploma, advanced diploma, graduate certificate or graduate diploma in the Australian Qualifications Framework.


Citizenship and residency

You are:

  • an Australian citizen, or
  • a New Zealand Special Category Visa (SCV) holder who meets the long-term residency requirements, or
  • a permanent humanitarian visa holder.


Loan entitlements
You must not have exceeded:


If your course fee is higher than your loan cap, or you are repeating units and the fees go over your loan cap, you will need to pay the balance directly to South Regional TAFE at enrolment.


Academic suitability

You have been assessed by your approved course provider as academically suited to undertake the approved course by either:

  • providing your Australian Year 12 Certificate; OR
  • providing evidence of successful completion of an Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate IV or higher qualification (where the language of instruction is English); OR
  • displaying competence at Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both reading and numeracy through an approved Language, Literacy and Numeracy test.
  • In addition, your approved provider must reasonably believe you show competence in completing the course.


Under 18 students
If you are under 18 when requesting a VET Student Loan, you must submit:


Information for the student
You must:

  • Be provided with VET Student Loan information by South Regional TAFE prior to enrolment or applying for a VET Student Loan, and
  • When applying for a VET Student Loan, you must confirm that you have read the VET Student Loan information.


Other requirements
You must provide: 

  • Your Unique Student Identifier ( USI) and
  • An Australian Tax File Number (TFN) or 
  • A Certificate of application for a TFN.
 How to apply for a VET Student Loan


To apply for a VET Student Loan, you must meet the eligibility criteria and your course must be on the list of approved South Regional TAFE VET Student Loan eligible courses.
You may apply at any time throughout your study, however the loan can only be approved for units with a future census date. To apply for a VET Student Loan, you must complete the following steps.

NOTE All the supporting documents need to be submitted at least 16 days before your first Census Date.

1.   VET Student Loans information
You must download and read the VET Student Loans Information Booklet (498.75kb) to ensure you are aware of your obligations under VET Student Loans.  
2.   VET Student Loan Eligibility and other documents 
VET Student Loan eligibility checklist
You can use the VET Student Loan eligibility checklist to make sure you have all information required to start your application.

Bring the following documents at enrolment or provide in an email to: vetstudentloans@srtafe.wa.edu.au;  
Citizenship and Residency suitability

Academic suitability

  • Your Australian Year 12 Senior Education Certificate, or 
  • Evidence of previous studies completed at a Certificate IV or higher level that was delivered in English, or 
  • Evidence that you achieved a minimum of Level 4/Exit Level 3 score in the CSPA tests for both the literacy and numeracy assessments. 

Under 18 students

Other requirements  

  •   Your Tax File Number, or 
  •   A Certificate of Application for a Tax File Number (from the ATO or stamped by the post office)

If you are not attending a campus to enrol, you can email your checklist and evidence to:
E vetstudentloans@srtafe.wa.edu.au
3.  Submit your VET Student Loan application to the Commonwealth 
If you are eligible for a VET Student Loan, after enrolment we will submit your request to the government via the Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF). They will communicate to you via your personal email, and provide you with an access code and link to eCAF.
You must log into eCAF to submit your application for a VET Student Loan at least 16 days before Census Date. Please note than you must wait at least two full business days after enrolment before submitting the eCAF. 
Once your VET Student Loan has been approved, South Regional TAFE will confirm you enrolments and attach them to your loan.  We will contact you if the government does not approve your loan.

IF the eCAF is not submitted prior to first census date then SRTAFE may cancel your enrolment until such time that you can provide the needed information and submit the form.
We will mail a VET Student Loan Invoice notice to your postal address at the latest 14 days before your first Census date. The notice will show your unit fees, any upfront payment that you have already made, the census date and the HELP debt that you will incur on the census date.
IMPORTANT Please carefully check the details on your notice and notify Student Services before the first census date if there are any errors.

 How VET Student Loans work - fee caps and census dates


VET Student Loans is an Australian Government loan program that assists eligible students pay for their tuition fees for higher-level VET courses undertaken at approved course providers. The total amount that eligible students may borrow over their lifetime is capped by the FEE‑HELP limit set by the Commonwealth. 
All loans you incur under the VET Student Loan scheme will reduce your FEE-HELP limit and the amount you have left to borrow is known as your FEE-HELP balance.    
When you take a VET Student Loan to pay for some or all of your tuition fees, the Australian Government pays the fees to South Regional TAFE on your behalf, and you incur a HELP-debt.  
You start repaying your HELP loan to the Australian Government through the tax system once your taxable income is higher than the minimum repayment threshold

Loan cap and additional fees
Each eligible course has a VET Student Loan cap, which is the maximum amount you can borrow to study that course. Check the Indicative course fee list for eligible courses, tuition fees and loan caps.
NOTE VET Student Loans Eligible Courses and Caps may be subject to changes implemented by the Australian Government in 2018 
If your VET Student Loan is approved for a course, where the total tuition fee is higher than the loan cap, you will need to pay the fee gap directly to South Regional TAFE. 
Please note that VET Student Loans for Fee-for-Service or commercial courses attract a 20% loan fee which will be added to your HELP-debt.
There is no loan fee for State funded courses.
It is important that you understand your fees, payment options and future financial obligations when taking out a VET Student Loan. 
The Study Assist website has detailed information about HELP debts and repayments, or you can download the VET Student Loans information booklet (498.75kb) from the Department of Education and Training Website. 
You may wish to seek independent financial advice before applying for a loan.
Census date or census day
The tuition fees for your course will be spread across a minimum of three fee periods, so you incur debt as you progress through your course. Each fee period will be associated with a different census date (or census day). 
Each of your unit enrolment will have a census date, which is the last day you can withdraw from that unit without incurring the tuition fees for that enrolment.
If you withdraw formally from units by the census day, you will not incur a HELP debt for those units. South Regional TAFE will refund you any tuition fees that you may have paid upfront for those units.

All students enrolled in a VET Student Loan eligible diploma will have at least three (3) main census dates for all units within the course. Students that enrol part-time will generate different census dates as they progress through the course.  As a general guide, the census dates for different diplomas commencing Semester 2, 2018 are listed below. Students should check their individual enrolments in student portal for census dates specific to their units, as these may vary.

6 month diploma (Full Time Delivery)

Semester 1
1st Census            08/03/2019
2nd Census          12/04/2019
3rd Census           17/05/2019

Semester 2

1st Census           23/08/2019
2nd Census          27/09/2019
3rd Census           01/11/2019

12 month diploma

1st Census            12/04/2019
2nd Census          28/06/2019
3rd Census          13/09/2019

18 month diploma

Census dates from Semester 1 and Semester 2, Semester 1 2020 dates to be advised.

 Keeping track of your VET Student Loan


VET Student Loan Invoice notice
Before each census date South Regional TAFE will provide you with an invoice notice. It will show your unit fees, any upfront payment that you have already made, the census date and the HELP debt that you will incur on the census date.
Check this notice and advise us of any anomalies or errors in your enrolment, fees or contact details before the census date.
Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) 
We will also send you a CAN within 28 days after the census day to confirm the amount of loan debt you have incurred. The notice will include your unit tuition fees, any upfront payments you have made, and any VET Student Loan you have used for that study period.
Cancel your VET Student Loan
If you no longer wish to pay your unit fees using a VET Student Loan, you must notify Student Services. If you choose to cancel your VET Student Loan, you must pay the fees for all units not covered by the VET Student Loan by the due date.

 Progressing with your VET Student Loan


The Australian Government has introduced the VET Student Loan Progression process to make sure that you are engaged in the training related to your VET Student Loan.

Students continuing with the same course

Once you have a VET Student Loan approved for your course, you can add the fees for new units you enrol in (only for the same course). This will not happen automatically, you will need to let us know when you enrol that you want to continue to add your fees to your VET Student Loan (email vetstudentloans@srtafe.wa.edu.au or reply to your enrolment email). 

 There are two requirements to be able to add units to your VET Student Loan:
1.    To be under the cap for your course loan. You will be able to add new units or units you need to re-enrol in until you reach the loan cap for your course.
       Once you reach the loan cap you will need to pay for your fees upfront in full or set up a payment plan.
2.    To have completed and submitted all your VET Student Loan Progressions.

To continue to be eligible for a VET Student Loan, you will need to submit a VET Student Loan Progression form through the government’s eCAF system approximately every four months. In 2018, Vet Student Loan Progression periods will occur in February, June and October. 
During each VET Student Loan Progression period:

  •   An email will be sent to your personal email account with a link to the VET Student Loan Progression form.
  •   You have two weeks to complete the form after you receive the email notification.

If you do not complete the VET Student Loan Progression Form, you may be unable to continue accessing the VET Student Loan to pay your fees. This means that you will need to pay your tuition fees directly to South Regional TAFE if you want to continue studying your course.
Keep your contact details up to date
It is important that you inform us about changes to your contact details as we will send you important information about your VET Student Loan via your email and postal address.

 South Regional TAFE policies


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