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AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot)

AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot)

National ID AVI30419 State ID BES9

Master the art of professional drone flying.



When Semester 2, 2024.

Study Mode On Campus. Part-Time.

A drone is a robotic aircraft controlled remotely and drone piloting has become an in-demand skill that can open the door to many rapidly evolving fields. Gain skills for roles such as a Commercial Licensed Drone Pilot, which is integral to performing many important operations requiring an ‘eye in the sky.’

Drones can facilitate delivery of medical and food supplies to remote areas and assist in emergency situations such as bushfires or shark spotting and military support. The agricultural, mining, oil and gas industries use drones to for surveying and wildlife conservation, and drones also have high creative capability for photography for weddings and tourism.

Note: this is a professional qualification and not a recreational qualification; this course provides you with training to legally operate a remotely piloted aircraft. This qualification will also permit you to fly without many of the operating restrictions applied to recreational users.


Important information

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Semester 2, 2024


Duration 6 Months
When Semester 2, 2024
Where Collie
How Classroom

Course fees

Indicative General fee $1,366.80
(Tuition fee* $1,170.00 + Resource fee $196.80 )
Indicative Concession fee $546.00
(Tuition fee* $349.20 + Resource fee $196.80 )
Indicative Fees and Charges

The fees quoted are estimates only and are for all units in the course for students enrolling on a full-time basis. If you're a student that has successfully completed a lower-level qualification that is a prerequisite for this course, you'll only pay for the units that you need to enrol in to complete this course. Please view the full list of Fee Disclaimers


Not all units and study modes are offered at all campuses. Please check with your local campus.


National ID Unit title
AVIF0021 Manage human factors in remote pilot aircraft systems operations
AVIH0006 Navigate remote pilot aircraft systems
AVIW0004 Perform operational inspections on remote operated systems
AVIW0028 Operate and manage remote pilot aircraft systems
AVIY0023 Launch, control and recover a remotely piloted aircraft
AVIY0027 Operate multi-rotor remote pilot aircraft systems
AVIY0031 Apply the principles of air law to remote pilot aircraft systems operations
AVIY0052 Control remote pilot aircraft systems on the ground
AVIY0053 Manage remote pilot aircraft systems energy source requirements
AVIZ0005 Apply situational awareness in remote pilot aircraft systems operations


National ID Unit title
AVIE0003 Operate aeronautical radio
AVIF0023 Apply aircraft safety procedures
AVIH0007 Operate remote pilot aircraft systems under night visual line of sight (NVLOS)
AVIH0008 Operate remote pilot aircraft systems in extended visual line of sight (EVLOS)

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