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Basic Beekeeping Skill Set

Basic Beekeeping Skill Set

State ID AD886

Want to become a Honeybee (Apis) Beekeeper?

A person in a beekeeping suit tending to a hive


When All year round.

Study Mode On Campus.

This skillset will give you the skills and knowledge to operate a beehive or small apiary, including assembling a hive, using a smoker when opening a hive and manipulating the brook and inspection for pests and diseases. Perfect for those wanting to work in beekeeping industry or keen hobbyists. 

Please note: Delivery depends on reaching the required student numbers.

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All year round, 2024


When All year round, 2024
Where Bunbury
How Basic Beekeeping Skill Set



National ID Unit title
AHCBEK203 Open and reassemble a beehive
AHCBEK205 Prepare and use a bee smoker
AHCBEK206 Assemble and maintain beekeeping components
AHCBEK302 Manipulate honey bee brood
AHCBEK304 Remove a honey crop from a hive
AHCBEK313 Manage pests and disease within a honey bee colony

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