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Important information for Term 2

SR TAFE has been working in line with WA Government advice to remain open for business while limiting the impact of COVID-19 on your studies.   The college is recommencing training via blended learning programs from Wednesday 29 April 2020.

Our lecturers have been preparing for a transition to blended learning wherever possible.  Lecturers will be in contact with students regarding their blended learning program timetable if they haven’t already.  Where lecturers have been on leave this contact will occur from Tuesday 28 April. 

For some courses, where face-to-face delivery is required to meet training package requirements, we will look at a range of options ensuring we adhere to social distancing and in some instances, rescheduling of components of the course to later in the course of study.

Courses that are already delivered online/flexibly/externally will continue as planned.  If this applies to you, your lecturer will work directly with you to ensure you can continue your training and assessment. We will communicate with you further over the coming weeks with more details about your studies.

Student support

We will continue to provide the following support:

  • Disability services
  • Aboriginal support
  • International support
  • Customer service support

Government advice

The Australian Government has provided a daily COVID-19 health alert including:

The Western Australian Government has also provided advice for your reference.

South Regional TAFE can be contacted via your local campus:

Albany Campus

Jan Auld

Bunbury – Commerce, Health & Environmental Sciences

Tiana Spencer

Bunbury – Trades & Paraprofessionals

Anita Host


Lucy Goodhew


Roche Angon


Amelia Fitzgerald


Crissie Coldwell


Mary Guadagnino

Margaret River

Judith Reynolds

Mt Barker/Denmark

Dawn Atkin


Sonia Hogermeer


Is TAFE open? 

The TAFE colleges remain open. Essential services including student resource areas will be available for those that need access to PCs if they don’t have access at home. Social distancing and increased cleaning of these areas is in place. Your lecturer will give you specific information about arrangements for your course. Online courses will also continue. Other support services on campus will still be available

Where will I find out what is happening in relation to my course?

There are a number of ways you will find out.

Your college will email or send a text to you during the term break. Your lecturers will give you further specific information about arrangements for your course.

Are online courses continuing?

Yes. If you are currently doing your course online, this will continue.

Will I be disadvantaged or be required to pay more?

Students will be assisted to complete their course without extra cost.

How will I continue my practical training and work placements?

Courses are being rescheduled so practical components can take place when it is safe to do so. Where a work placement is required but is currently unavailable, your TAFE will work with employers to secure your work placement at a later date.

How can I access a PC to continue my training if I don’t have one at home or I have internet access problems?

Student learning centres will still be open with suitable social distance arrangements. Additional cleaning is occurring in these spaces.

My school student is enrolled for some courses at TAFE, how will they proceed in term 2?

TAFE and schools are working together and your student will be advised by the school and/or lecturer on arrangements for term 2.

I’m an employer and unsure about my apprentice’s training?

Apprentice training will continue in term 2. This may involve theory training through online learning until the resumption of campus based delivery. TAFE will be in contact with you or your apprentice on how this will work.

Which courses will remain face to face?

 All courses are expected to move in some way to a blended delivery which means that there will be a mix of online, interactive distant learning, and for some courses necessary face to face components.

How are TAFEs preventing the spread of COVID19 in courses that continue face to face delivery?

Hygiene practices and social distancing is being practiced in accordance with the most current health advice.

Lecturers are advising students to practice social distancing measures, and are applying and monitoring social distancing during classes.

How will online learning work?

Your lecturer will advise you how your blended learning programme will be delivered

Will any student who is unable to access an online delivery method be disadvantaged or penalised?

No student will be penalised and TAFEs will work with students to identify solutions for their specific circumstance.

Will a student who is unable to attend face to face delivery classes for COVID19 reasons be penalised?

No student will be penalised and TAFEs will work with students to identify solutions for their specific circumstance. 

What support services exist for students?

TAFE colleges remain open and support staff are available to assist if students have any queries about their future studies.

How are we supporting lecturers and staff to deliver online?

TAFE colleges are helping lecturing staff adjust the delivery of courses into blended modes in term 2.

Where it is not already in place, a blended delivery of training via online and other interactive modes will be introduced. Face to face delivery will still continue where necessary where adequate social distancing measures can be implemented.

TAFEs will work with students that have particular problems with new modes of delivery.

What are the cleaning arrangement for TAFE colleges?

TAFEs have increased cleaning across all campuses.

How are international students being assisted?

TAFE Colleges will advise international students of how their training will continue in term 2.

As always, TAFE International is available to provide personal assistance to students who are unsure about any issue. Assistance is available by phone on 9218 2100 and by email on

Students in financial difficulties or needing to return home should also make contact with TAFE International.

Why are TAFE libraries remaining open when the Prime Minister has ordered all libraries to be shut?

TAFE libraries will only be accessible to TAFE students and staff. They remain open to ensure PCs continue to be available for students who don’t have access to equipment or have poor connectivity.

TAFEs have increased cleaning across all campuses and social distancing requirements are in place.

Are Jobs and Skills Centres still open?



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