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Adult learners


 A significant percentage of our students are adults. There are many reasons why mature students choose to study at the South Regional TAFE.


Improve English and literacy

If you'd like to upgrade and improve your reading, writing and maths skills so that you can apply for other courses, then the Certificates in General Education for Adults (CGEA) are for you!  These can help open up further study and work options.


Professional development unit studies

We provide professional development short courses in leadership and management, project management and computing. These courses are designed to increase your knowledge and expertise, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace and enhancing your employability.

You can choose to study most courses in small classes or take advantage of the flexible study options, which allow you to fit your study around your other commitments.


Business skills

To start and grow a business enterprise, people need to be skilled, capable and experienced in many areas. When their business expands, they must respond quickly to market movements. Business owners can't always bring in staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to train a lot of people, mainly self-employed, to run small businesses.

In a fast moving world, managing a small business requires a rounded knowledge. Many business operators are highly skilled or qualified in the "technical" side of their business, but simply don't have the time to attend normal training in business management

Our programs will enhance your understanding of all facets of business and are designed for owners/managers or entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their business.


Career change

As a career changer, what careers are open to you? With courses from the South Regional TAFE you can explore skills and knowledge in career fields similar to your present one, or experiment with courses relating to very different careers.


Re-entering the workforce

Taking a NOW, WOW or GATE course at South Regional TAFE can be your stepping stone back into the workforce. If you've been away from the workforce for a while, you might want to enrol in a course to help you build your vocational skills and demonstrate to potential employers your self-motivation and ability to commit to activities.

(NOW)             New Opportunities for Women

(WOW)            Wider Opportunities for Work

(GATE)             Gaining Access to Training and Employment


Be recognised for skills you already have

Did you know you might be able to receive a qualification without going through formal training?

If you have existing skills, knowledge and experience but not a formal qualification, then Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) may an option for you.

Skills recognition of your experience may help you get that qualification you always wanted; improve your career prospects; gain a nationally recognised qualification in a shorter period of time by not learning what you already know; and provide a pathway to higher education and university.​



Page last updated July 21, 2016