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Skills for Education and Employment

Looking for a job?

Ready to find a job or do further study, but you would like some free help with skills?  Need help with your English, reading, writing, or maths?  The SEE program seeks to assist eligible job seekers to improve their language, literacy and numeracy skills to enable them to participate more effectively in training or employment, leading to greater gains for them and society in the longer term.

Quick facts about SEE:

  • Its free - eligible clients are entitled to up to 800 hours of free training
  • You can begin at your own level and learn at your own pace
  • You can still look for work and look after your family
  • You can study between 10 and 25 hours a week
  • Training is based on your future goals
  • You can do work experience
  • It can help if English is your second language

Is SEE right for me?

Are you:

  • Between 15 and 64 years old?
  • Registered as a jobseeker with Centrelink?
  • Not a full time student?

Find out More:

Contact Centrelink or your local Employment Service Provider to see if you can join.
Call 1800 621 445 
TTY enquiries phone 1800 810 586 (a free service for people with hearing or speech impairments)
Visit the SEE website at www.education.gov.au/skills-education-and-employment

Page last updated October 05, 2017